Cooking science fair project ideas : Kids cooking cookies.

Cooking Science Fair Project Ideas

cooking science fair project ideas

    cooking science
  • In scientific culture, cooking is a term for falsifying data or selectively deleting data in an attempt to prove a hypothesis.

  • A school assignment undertaken by a student or group of students, typically as a long-term task that requires independent research

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16 Things

16 Things

Tagged by both @Galactichero and @BAD BAB:

1. I have a debilitating phobia of sea lampreys. Just typing those words caused a thin veil of sweat to form on my palms and a knotty cramp to develop in my calf.

2. I *love* t-shirts. It's unhealthy. I'd say half of my wardrobe is comprised of fare from The user-generated nature of the designs is great, plus they're funny. Funny t-shirts are the best kind.

3. I’m a gadget whore. Most women are moved to butterflies by jewelry and fancy dinners. I was moved to tears by Ryan’s Christmas gift of an iPod Nano engraved with “I love you, my sweet girl.” Awww, shucks.

4. I'm a perpetual student. Everything I read is non-fiction or historical fiction. If it's historical fiction, I find great joy in unearthing the inconsistancies in the history. If I read novels, they have to be good. REALLY good. Right now I'm reading short stories by Raymond Carver, and they're incredible. Reading a book that I feel wastes my time is enough to inspire me to rage. Jane Austen novels are my favorite, she has incredible wit, and though you know there will be a happy ending she introduces interesting plot twists and excellent character development.

5. I like music. A lot. I like a lot of really good music, but I also like a lot of REALLY BAD MUSIC. I guess you could say I collect bad concerts. My favorite time of year is when Common Ground Music Festival comes to Lansing so I can see some of this really bad stuff live. I revel in it! In my 30 years, I've seen Meatloaf, Alice Cooper, Poison, Weird Al, The Monkees, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Beach Boys, The Tubes, Cinderella, and many, many more. I had the opportunity to see Air Supply at the Michigan State Fair, but Ryan literally almost threw up at the suggestion, so I let that one slide.

6. I am a staunch gay rights advocate. I did not know about the Cracker Barrel (as tagged in Abby's post) and I will now not eat there either. This random fact was so random that I, myself did not know it until today. OH SNAP!

7. I am not what you might call a "girly girl" but I have three incredible weaknesses: nail polish, lip gloss and shoes. One might call them compulsions and/or "a sickness"

8. I hate to talk on the phone. I'll txt until my fingers fall off. IM? Ok! Talking on the phone, however, is not my thing.

9. Noises created by food or eating drive me to extraordinary insanity. If you find me glaring in your direction, you are likely eating something and it is likely bothering me greatly. I probably don’t even know I’m glaring. This isn’t a testament to your table manners, it’s a testament to my crazy.

10. I am a professional RickRoller. I'm really good at it. I don't care if it annoys people, that only makes me enjoy it more. As an added bonus, Rick Astley is just a little bit dreamy in that 1980s "never gonna give you up together forever" sort of way.

11.I am the crabbiest waker-upper in the history of wake-upping. I once rolled over and bellowed "COFFEE" at my husband. He now wakes me up from a distance of no less than 12 feet.

12. I am 100% incapable of following a recipe. I once made tuna noodle casserole and forgot the tuna. Yet, I'm pretty good at baking, which is more of a science than cooking. Explain that, why dontcha now? Eh?

13. I'm still pretty convinced that the reason sink water pressure lessens when the toilet is flushed is because sink water is also toilet water. Therefore I have to flush the toilet before I can brush my teeth. However, I prefer to brush my teeth in the shower, which I do NOT think is toilet water.

14. I have a full-on caffeine addiction. Think I'm kidding? Lock yourself in a room with me for two days without it.

15. I have very loose facial recognition capabilities. I often “see people I know” but they’re just people who look like people I know. But, I’ll remember people forever that I’ve met just once 18 years ago in the checkout line at Meijer when we talked about our favorite flavor of Bubble Yum. I may even friend that person on Facebook (or vice versa), you never know. Every time I just start to think I’m crazy and that this loose facial recognition thing is going to put me in the looney bin, I really DO see someone I know that I haven’t seen for years, often surfacing through some very strange connection or series of circumstances. Then I friend *that* person on Facebook (or vice versa).

16. I need to have activities. This may be related to #4. This season I’m playing two softball leagues. Last winter I played on a pool league despite having never really picked up a pool cue. Ryan once commented “Man, I sure watch you play a lot of sports.” Sometimes I’m into running, sometimes I’m into crochet, sometimes it’s video games, I’ve changed my majors countless times, I’ve got side projects up the wazoo and more research ideas for my (hopefully) future PhD than one can count. ACTIVITIES, YEAH!

Cook, Kitchen in Restaurant, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Cook, Kitchen in Restaurant, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Cook, Kitchen in Restaurant, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Shooting via the glass, not very clear

(taken by Minolta CLE, Leica Summicron-C 40mm F/2, KODAK TMAX ISO 400)

cooking science fair project ideas

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